What is Causal Map?

Causal Map is a web app for analysing and visualising causal claims within narrative data from interviews or reports.

If you are particularly interested in the theory of causal mapping, rather than how to use the app, look for the “book” symbol 📚 in this Guide.

This Guide is divided into these Training Levels:

  1. Getting Started
  2. Basic Coding
  3. Basic Analysis
  4. Advanced Coding
  5. Advanced Analysis

Each is followed by a simple quiz.

… and there are also sections on:

If you are in a hurry (and who isn’t?), just read Level 1: Getting Started.

Features marked 🧪are experimental and are implemented on the test server only.


Also check out our growing library of short, focussed training videos, none longer than four minutes!


Test your knowledge of causal mapping and Causal Map with our structured series of quizzes.

Selected projects to date

These are some causal mapping projects completed with Causal Map - either directly by subscribers, or by Bath SDR working for clients, or conducted by Causal Map Ltd for the client.

For more details on selected Casual Map projects please check out our Recent Projects page.

  1. Causal Map Ltd., ↩︎

  2. Causal Map Ltd., ↩︎

  3. Bath University., ↩︎

  4. Causal Map Ltd., ↩︎

  5. Bath SDR., ↩︎

  6. Causal Map Ltd., ↩︎