✍ Editing factors and links

Editing factors and links (basic)

It is likely that you will need to regularly review and edit your links, and there are various ways to do this in the app. You can also delete factors and links in the same way.

Editing links by clicking on the map

Click on the link you want to change. Make any adjustments, e.g. change the influence factor (in the first box), and/or the consequence factor (in the second box). You can change the quoted text just by re-highlighting the correct passage in the statement panel above in the same way that you made the original highlight. Press the green Save button to finish editing.

Editing links by double-clicking in the statement panel

notion image
You can see information about the link by hovering with your mouse over the highlighted section. To edit the link, double-click on the highlight.
If the same section has been highlighted for more than one link, you will see two edit 📝 symbols. Mouse over them to see which link you want, and double-click on that one.