🗺️ The Map

The Map tab

notion image
This tab shows a print-quality version of the map with advanced layout.

Viewing the map

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You can change the size of the map by using the + and - (and Reset) buttons. You can also drag it around.
View your map full-screen by pressing this button (only visible when your mouse is over the map).
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Formatting the map

You can change the formatting of the map using this drop-down menu.
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🥼 Advanced section (beginners can skip this)

Editing the map by clicking on factors or links

If you have edit permissions,
  • you can edit a link by clicking on the link or the label of the link. If there is more than one citation for this link, you will first be asked to choose which citation you want to edit.
  • you can delete a factor by clicking on its label (you will see a confirmation dialogue first).

Copying your map as a vector image

You can export your map as an ultra-high-quality vector image in SVG format using the export SVG button at bottom right. Download your file and then paste it into most word processing documents eg Microsoft Word.