📜 The Statements Table

The Statements Table

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This table makes searching for a specific statement easy. By clicking on a row in this table you will jump straight to the statement, meaning you can edit the associated factors in the left-hand-side panel. This table shows you all the statements in your map file. You can use the search bars to look for statements by their id or by a word/phrase in the text.
There are two presets for this table:
  • Statements (basic) this will automatically load when you click on this tab and displays statement id, text, source_id and question id
  • Statements metadata this preset gives you more information about who said which statement and shows you household code, name of province , village , age as well as the fields listed above. If your metadata fields are called something different just add them to the columns box to display them.
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Remember the print view button may come in handy to view your table as plain text.
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  • statement_id. A running number from 1 upwards.
  • source_id. A code which matches the field source_id in the sources table.
  • question_id. A code which matches the field question_id in the questions table.
  • statement_memo. For making notes about a statement as you code.