❕AI Answers

Asking the AI about your file

This functionality allows you to ask questions about all the text in your file.
It is completely independent of causal coding. It will work just as well without causal coding.
It’s invitation only at the moment.


When using statements in a language other than English, ask the AI to translate them. Otherwise, if you don’t put any instructions for translating the statements, the AI highlights the statement but doesn’t show the factor labels and links in the map.
You can use a prompt like: ‘If the text is in a language other than English, be sure to translate it to English when creating the factor labels’.


The big caveat is it’s not cheap because when using GPT-4. There is a switch for this.
If using GPT-4, work on small files to start with.


Adding metadata

Splitting the statements by metadata

Adding question texts

Meta summaries

If you have split the statements by some metadata value and therefore get a corresponding set of summaries, there is another prompt and another button to get a summary of those summaries.
The starter prompt for the meta summary is the same as the basic starter prompt, with all the same stuff about being careful with citations etc. It is not actually displayed.