↙ Downloading your data

Downloading your data

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With these two buttons you can download your data in Excel (.xlsx) format.

Standard download to Excel

The pink button gives you a “Standard format” file which you can also use for round-tripping (make adjustments and upload the file again).
The raw data is contained in the first four tabs:
  • Links
  • Statements
  • Sources
  • Questions

What are the merged... tabs in the Excel file?

The remaining tabs e.g. merged_links show your original raw data merged together with other data for your convenience. For example, the raw links data contains the column statement_id but not the column source_id. However by combining information from the statements tab it is possible to work out what the source_id is, because the statements tab also contains information about the sources. This kind of additional information is shown in the merged_links tab.
Data in the merged tabs is ignored when re-uploading an Excel file (round-tripping). If you want to tweak your data by round-tripping, don’t bother with the merged tabs.

Causal Map 2 download

The grey button is just for downloading your data in for the older version of Causal Map, Causal Map 2.
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