Importing a codebook of factors

Sometimes you might want to work with a pre-determined list of possible factors. This is sometimes called “deductive coding” or “(partially) deductive coding”.

Or you might be working on a larger project with colleagues and you want to periodically share your codebook.

To do this you just need to roundtrip your file: start by downloading the file as Excel. Then look at the factors tab.

If you already have factors (and links) in your file, you must not change the existing order of the factors which are already in the factors tab.

If you want to add new factors, which do not yet have links, you can add the factor labels you need one above the other in the label column of the factors tab after any existing factors.

You can edit the existing labels and/or add memos about the factors in the factor_memo column if you want, and even add arbitrary other columns like, say, domain.

  • If you add a factor field like “domain”, you can only use it in a filter before any transforming filters like Zoom.