The Dashboard


The Dashboard appears on the right as the app loads. You can also reach the dashboard by pressing the 🏅 icon on the right, or with the key combination Alt+q (Windows/Linux) or option+q (Mac).

The Dashboard lists views of the current file saved by you or other users.

Each view usually:

  • applies a particular filter, e.g. “show me only causal claims made by women”.
  • and/or it may take you to a particular tab on the right hand side – the Print map, one of the Tables, etc., including, in the case of tables, the way the table is set up as well. A view also saves the name of the current file.

To load one of the views, just click on the item.

You can also go to a view if you know its unique number. So to go to view 369, type 369 into this box

image-20220808114935730 and click the green arrow button.

(Maps which have been downloaded as an image often have a unique number like this in the bottom left-hand corner. )