37 Set print format

This filter makes a big difference to how your map looks. Usually a dot layout is the best option as it lays out your map to be read left-to-right. However, other layouts can be useful, so feel free to try them out! For example, when you are looking at the network for a single factor and you are interested in what factors are immediately adjacent to it, you could apply the circo layout and search just for that one factor and one step up or down. The screenshot below shows the circo print layout with 1 step up and 1 step down from Farm production.imgHow do I use this filter?Click on the set print format button to open up the filter panel. There are various options for map layouts which you can try out. There is also a horizontal separation slider which you can adjust to select how far apart your factor labels are, if the number is higher your links will appear longer and your factor labels will be further apart. This is another filter where it would be helpful to keep the panel open so that you can see how your selections are affecting your map.img