22 Moving to Causal Map 2 from Causal Map 1

Read this if you have been using the legacy version of Causal Map (CM1) at go.causalmap.app

All your files (and other files you had access to) from CM1 are accessible from within CM2. You will find them in the file chooser dropdown menu as before, but preceded by cm1/...


You can view and analyse these files in CM2 without needing to do anything.

You can’t make changes to them from within CM2.

If you are still coding a file in CM1, changes you make will be visible from CM2 as soon as you refresh the page.

If you want, you can save a CM1 file in the new CM2 format so that you can continue to edit it in CM2 (as long as you have edit or copy, not just view, authorisation to the original file- see here for more details).


This creates a new file which is no longer connected to the original file.

You will find that coding with the new platform is pretty much the same as coding in the old one. The Factor Editor aka multi-editor is still there but on the right hand side. But when it comes to analysis, the new app can do much more.

The rest of this Guide will take you on a πŸ—Ί quick tour of the app.

You may also have been using the Causal Map Viewer at (https://causalmap.shinyapps.io/CausalMapViewer/). This has been superseded by Causal Map 2.