18 ⚡ Interactive View

An interactive version of the map in which the elements can be moved around and also the upstream and downstream factors are highlighted when the user hovers over them.

  • Drag the factors around.
  • Copy a map as an image by right-clicking on it.
  • Save a PNG image by pressing the button at bottom right.
  • Hover over factors to highlight the connected links and factors.
  • Hover over factors to display basic information about them and delete them from the entire map.
  • Hover over links to see the associated quote and other information.
  • Click on links to edit or delete them them.
  • Click on factors to focus on them, trace paths from/to them, edit their memo, or delete them.


  • Click on factors to edit the label or memo


In both Interactive and Print view, if the factor labels have not been wrapped to any specific width, they are automatically wrapped to 22 characters.

When you have a lot of factors in your map, the selector in the top-right corner of the map can help locate them.


When you are viewing a single statement, the colour of the links corresponds to the colour of the highlighted sections of text.


Tracing paths to a particular factor directly from the interactive map