46 Analysing maps: Overview

Various kinds of software are available to simplify the task of viewing and filtering a causal map, especially for larger maps. For example, gephi.org is a good choice for very rapidly manipulating even very large maps - much larger than Causal Map can handle.

A causal map can be filtered to show only some parts of it. Some submaps are well-known from network analysis, for example the β€œego network” for a particular factor is the part of the map which includes only those factors directly connected to it. This is something like searching for that particular factor.

An related approach is to specify one set of Source factors and another set of Target factors and to display only the links along paths which lead from a Source factor to a Target factor. This is called an β€œetiograph” in a seminal organisational analysis of Utrecht Jazz Orchestra (Bougon, Weick, & Binkhorst, 1977).