25 About the filters

25.0.1 Top row

Most people like to hide these filters when they are coding, so they hide the filters using the toggle.


But for analysing your map, you will want to open the filters panel.

25.0.2 The filter buttons

They are in three sections: analysis, conditional formats and simple formats. See the section on filters.

To see additional information about the statement you are currently viewing such as the source_id and question_id slide the info toggle.image-20211220153438354

25.0.3 Commands and buttons to apply filters to your map

The left-hand side of the app really only contains the text in the Advanced Editor (which you can view if you want, but close the window if it scares you).


The text window uses a simple syntax for filtering and manipulating the maps and tables.

Nearly all the other buttons on the left-hand side are just ways to manipulate this text. Each line in this window is a filter which manipulates the existing map in some way. The lines in the windows are applied successively to the original map to produce the final map which is then displayed.